Another big turnout for Old Padeswood last night in very hot conditions.

54 played and the results are:

1st Andy Scott - 74-05-69 £20 voucher
2nd Paul Newton 80 -09 - 71 (over last 6 from) £15 voucher
3rd Darren Edwards 81-10-71 £10 voucher

Best gross Lee Hinks-Edwards 74 £20 voucher

There were only 4 people with birdies last night, one of those with 2 shares so there are 5 shares in total which is 5 golf balls each.

The next one is in Holywell on Thursday 29th July and the sheet is now up at Holywell so please call the shop there if you want a time.

Don't forget the County Championships on 19th September, if you want to be added to a time slot please message me or I will have the sheet at the Holywell scr-12 on the 29th.

There were 66 players which is an amazing turnout.
Please ignore the Master Scoreboard for this one - as you all know we are happy for people off higher handicaps to play as long as they are happy to play off 12, unfortunately Handicap Master won't let me apply that logic to the results so we have someone off 16 who came second - which will be discounted for the prizes. The score will still be applied for him in the WHS for handicapping purposes off 16 though.
1st Brian Rush - 76-11-65 (£20 voucher)
2nd Luke Pilkington-Jones - 71-4-67 (£15 voucher)
3rd Marc Musgrove 77-9-68 (£10 voucher)
Best Gross Lee Hinks-Edwards 70. (£20 voucher)
Sheet for Old Padeswood on 15th July is in the shop there, call Old Padeswood for a time.
Vouchers will be available in the clubhouse in Old Padeswood after the next competition on 15th July.
Bridie balls (1 per share) will also be available.
If you play in Old Padeswood please ensure that you put your CDH number on the top of your card and hand the card to me in the clubhouse before you leave so it can be entered.

Results from Scr-12 at Northop on Thursday 17th June 2021

1st Derek Warburton (P & B) 77-11-66 - £20 voucher

2nd John L Roberts (Prestatyn) 78-9-69 - £15 voucher

3rd Karl Edwards (Prestatyn) 80-10-70 - £10 voucher

Best Gross - Tyler Hand with a 72 - £20 voucher

There were 10 birdie shares so that's just 1 golf ball each.

The vouchers will be available at Rhuddlan Golf Club at the next Scr-12 on 1st July 2021.


Results from the Scratch-12 at Padeswood and Buckley on 3rd June 2021:


A great turnout last night at Padeswood and Buckley, 53 players which is the best we've had for a while.

1st Nett - Graham Tyson 77-8-69 (£20 voucher)
2nd Nett - Steven Holland 75-4-71 (£15 voucher)
3rd Nett - Dave Rathbone 75-2-73 (£10 voucher)
Best Gross - Chris Pierce 74 (£20 voucher)

The results will also be posted on the Facebook group ( and Master Scoreboard (

Next one is at Northop Golf Club on Thursday 17th June, please phone the club for a time.

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