Results from the scr-12 at Padeswood and Buckley this evening.
The course was in amazing condition but we only had 41 players.
1st Grahame Jones 76-08-68 £30 voucher
2nd Derek Warburton - 83-11-72 £20 voucher
3rd Lee Jones 77-05-72 £15 voucher
Best Gross - Jason Snead 77 £30 voucher
There were 9 birdies with 1 ball per share
The next one is in Rhuddlan on Thursday 30th June 2022
Hi, apologies for the delay in posting the results but we had a fair few missing CDH numbers to track down.
There were 52 players but I only received 47 cards so 5 scores were not recorded.
There was an unusual result, Daniel Henley is off 11 handicap at his home club but gets 13 shots at Northop due to the slope rating, giving a 68 nett - we do only give prizes on 12 handicap though but he still got 2nd place over the back nine holes.
The results are:
  1. Graham Wilkes - 77-10-67 - £30 voucher
  2. Daniel Henley - 81-12-69 - £20 voucher
  3. Steven F Jones - 80-11-69 - £15 voucher
Best gross: Chris Pierce - 72 - £30 voucher
Steve Boden
Bill Hankinson
Josh Kerrigan
Chris Pierce
John L Roberts
Andy Scott
See you in Padeswood and Buckley on the 16th June 🙂

Results from Prestatyn Scr-12

Many thanks to all players for supporting the event.


There were 51 players but I only got 47 cards handed in to me - I've assumed the rest were n/r's but they will not have been entered on the system.

1st David Ledsham - 77-4-73 £30 voucher

2nd Robin Akehurst - 78-4-74 - £20 voucher

3rd Gareth Wright - 85-10-75 - £15 voucher


Best gross - Chris Pierce - 73 gross- £30 voucher


There were only 2 birdie 2's on the night and 2 dozen golf balls so there are 12 balls per share:

David Ledsham

Trefor Prytherch

Vouchers and birdie balls will be available at Northop next week, if you are unable to play they will be kept until the next time I see you.

Full results on 

County Championships results from today at Northop Golf Club
Best gross AM
Tim Saunders 70
Best nett AM
Simon Goodall 68
Best gross PM
Best nett PM
Best nett overall
Best gross overall
1st Place and County Champion for 2021 - Tim Saunders 143
2nd Place John Vaughan Williams 145
3rd Place Chris Pierce 147
Great golf guys, see you all next year!
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